Geothermal Heat Exchanger

Seasonal cooling and heating
through energy storage in the ground

The system is to be installed in the unsaturated zone in the underground. The standard system uses a piping system which has a dimension of 15,5 m times 21 m. It is able to generate a cooling power of about 10 kW. It is scalable and represents a seasonal thermal storage system to be used for a wide range of applications like inverter cooling for solar parks, cooling of buildings and fabrication halls. The piping system consist of a well designed Tichelmann-based system to conduct hot air. Based to convective and conductive heat transfer the heat can be well distributed in the underground soil. It is a saisonal storage system because the storage capacity in the underground is huge and in wintertime it can be used to heat the buidlings instead of cooling. The air flow temperature at the outlet is even in hot summers about 22°C.

Get in touch with us to discuss your application. Our system uses the earth coolness (depth about 7.5 m) and is therefore applicable to a wide range of applications. The size and design can be adopted to your requirements.

Our system as been developed in Germany and first installations have been performed in Spain as a cooling system for the inverters of a solar park (6.5 MW). The temperature in the inverter buidings could be fixed at about 25 °C for the whole summer. The operational cost is very low (2500 m³/h air ventilated).

CO2 neutral

CO2-neutral, alternative cooling and heating, saisonal heat storage,
long-term usage, scalable, usable for different applications